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Nom/Name : BERNARD Sophie

Fonction/Current position : : Ingénieur d’étude en Microscopie électronique à transmission / Transmission electron microscopy  engineer

Tel : 33 (0)2 35 14 00 39

e-mail :

Adresse/Address : Laboratoire « Glycobiologie et Matrice Extracellulaire Végétale », Glyco-MEV, Université de Rouen 76821 Mont-Saint-Aignan, France


Academic Qualifications and Career :

2009-Present : Transmission electron microscopy  engineer in the Research Laboratory « Glycobiology and plant extracellular matrix » and the Imaging platform PRIMACEN, Rouen University.
2008-2009 : Non permanent Teacher and Researcher position, Rouen University.

2005-2008 : PhD student in cellular biology in the academic research laboratory “Glycobiology and extracellular matrix”, EA4358, Rouen University. Project: “Mapping cell wall synthesizing enzymes within plant Golgi cisternae using TEM and enzymatic complexes research”
Six months PhD training in the academic research laboratory “Plant cell wall biotechnology: cell wall elaboration”, Ohio university (Athens,OH), USA and two months PhD training in the academic research laboratory “Molecular plant biology: Cell wall”, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

2004-2005 : Master degree in Cellular Biology, speciality « Ecophysiology and plant biotechnology ».



Compétences scientifiques/scientific competences :

- Sample type: Nicotiana tabacum and Arabidopsis thaliana plants (tissue or suspension-cultured cells), cosmetic cream, hydrogel, biopolymer.
- Sample preparation techniques: chemical fixation, high pressure freezing, freeze substitution, embedding in LRW or Spurr resin.
- Ultramicrotomy: semi-fine and fine sections.

- Immunocytochemistry for transmission electron microscopy.