Laboratoire de Glycobiologie et Matrice Extracellulaire Végétale



Transverse project II: New tools for plant glycobiology

Principal investigator : P. Lerouge, Professor.
Participants : C. Burel, Technician. 

As illustrated by recent results obtained with regards to the function and cellular localization of RG-II, sugar analogues are powerfull tools for investigating the function and dynamics of plant glyco-polymers. This transverse project will first aim at studying the effect of 2-fluoro sugar analogues, as inhibitors of glycosyltransferases, on the biosynthesis of hemicelluloses and pectins in plants, as well as on cell wall polymers in microalgae (Dumont et al., 2015). This transverse project will also concern the metabolic click-mediated labelling of plant and microalgae using azido or alkyne sugar analogues for studying the cellular dynamics of their glyco-polymers (Dumont et al., 2016). Both aspects of this transverse project will involve collaborations with partners expert in the chemical synthesis of sugar analogues for application in biology (Boris Vauzeilles, ICMO Orsay and Yann Guerardel, UGSF Lille, France) and partners in the plant science domain that already mentioned their interest in collaborating on these innovative strategies (Alan Marchant, Southampton University, UK; Charlie Anderson, PenState University, USA).